Welcome to Outpost

A Boston-Area Supernatural-Apocalypse LARP

The Story So Far…

Early September 2014 was the first day of the Collapse. The sky turned red, natural disasters occurred all over the planet, and most of India sank into the ocean. Communications with Australia were immediately lost. Fissures in the earth opened up and swallowed whole cities, and meteor storms left others in burning pieces. Hawaii, Japan, and most of Iceland were decimated by the eruptions of volcanos.

And then the Creatures came. Television, the Internet, and all available broadcasts over the world started to capture the horrifying visages that were hidden for centuries. Vampires, Werewolves, and Giants the size of buildings ran rampant through the streets. Fissures directly into a fiery Hell below opened like great screaming maws and humans were possessed by free-roaming Demons.

The religious held hope for their various Gods to reach down from the sky to save them all, but no rescue ever came. That is not to say there was not a Host from Heaven however. The Angels descended. Great beings of white light flew out of the clouds and down to earth like comets of hope. They joined the side of man and fought back the Demons. Some say they helped save lives. Some say they made it worse. Because the Angels weren’t there to save mankind: they were there to push Hell back from whence it came.

All of this was within the first 24 hours.

Within the first week the world was in ruins. The Vampires and Demons, already being spread throughout society, were able to set off nuclear weapons and EMPs which annihilated communications worldwide. Cellular towers were destroyed or taken offline, the Internet vanished, and our governments effectively shut down. Full spread anarchy and panic and massive deaths caused our population to rapidly dwindle.

Strange partings of reality began to happen around of the world as well. They were a gateway into a place called The Ether, where magic, the Wyrd, and beings called Fae lived. The Ether had always been on the other side of the mirror, just next to our plane, but the massive catastrophes and deaths tore that veil allowing all manner of oddity to cross over.

By the end of the September 60% of the world’s power was lost. The deaths totaled in the billions. Word was spread through couriers and radio towers which had not yet been completely destroyed.

Mid-2015 the major destruction and catastrophe had stopped. The Creatures were running the world. Humans were not wiped out in total as they were needed for slave labor, cattle and hosts for demons. Those who were not captured or killed banded together and began to form cells. Collectives of nations and peoples from around what was left of the world met in secret and planned ways to survive the nightmare that had become their lives. They were quickly dealt with and wiped out via transmission interception, and treachery.

By 2018 humans began finding ways to communicate without as much interception, and most of the remaining groups banded together to form The Resistance. At this point humanity was only in the few billions, less than a billion of them free. Rumors of bunkers within Russia, the United States, and Canada spread, havens where humans had sheltered and kept safe to lead this retaliation.

The year is 2020. Two years have passed since then and over the last year the Resistance has formed a weapon to fight back called Project Vitae. A Russian Hematologist and Gene Specialist named Ivanov has found a way to fuse our DNA with the blood of these creatures. After much testing, and much death, the Vitae were born. Crossbreed Super Soldiers with the strengths and abilities of their progenitors they do not die as easily as mortal men, as the blood brings them back from even the most horrid deaths. But the blood comes with a price: mutations and weaknesses are part and parcel with the transformation. Some men die instantly, some become much worse.

Not all of humanity agrees with the Resistance's methods, and not all the creatures that go bump in the night are inherently evil. It may take alliances with some monsters, raiders, and even the greatest of evils for humanity to survive. It will take a great number of Vitae giving their lives, and some say their very souls to become the war machines needed to fight this good fight.

In the end, only time will tell whether this world will belong to humanity, or be consumed by the evils from hell and beyond.

Will you join the Resistance, take the blood of the supernatural, and become a weapon against the darkness?

Outpost LARP is © 2015 Brandon Challies